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Holiday   ·   Giving It To You   ·   Sandra   ·   Más   ·   Make You Mine

Music: G. Vernon Burrell, Jr. & Ignacio Cintrón
Lyrics:  Ignacio Cintrón
Music Production:  G. Vernon Burrell, Jr.
Guitars:  Héctor Santiago
Additional Background Vocals: Carlton Ce-lo Jenkins

There's this magic in the air
Makes you want to do the Tango
Smiling faces everywhere
Joy and laughter all around you


There's no city like it anywhere
Latin music flowing eveywhere
Happy people come to party
I can't help it I wanna join in


Let's celebrate
Every day's a holiday
Let's go out and get away
I'm living out this holiday

I couldn't help but take her hand
As I lead her to the dance floor
Leaving all my cares behind
Feels so good to be alive

(Chorus, fade)

© 2001 Ignacio Cintrón