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Holiday   ·   Giving It To You   ·   Sandra   ·   Más   ·   Make You Mine

Music and Lyrics:  Ignacio Cintrón
Music Production: G. Vernon Burrell, Jr.
Guitars:  Hèctor Santiago
Engineering: Mark Maynor

Oh she came into my life
Just when I needed her
And I wouldn't change a thing
She's more than I could ever dream
(Oh) It's those little things you do
That take my breath away
Like the way you
Smile and joke
And tell me that you love me too


Whenever there's a doubt or pain
She's always there to help me
To motivate and heal me
There's no where I'd rather be
Than standing here beside her
I wanna be beside


Sandra my love, thank you
You're every thing I needed
And I want the world to know how much I love you


Yes and time has only strengthened
The way I feel about you girl
You're my angel in disguise
The one I get to call my wife

From the moment I awake
Even when I'm sound asleep
Oh it's you yes only you
Oh that gives me this peace
That I feel inside
And I wanna share with you

© 2001 Ignacio Cintrón